Email addresses for passengers on clipper ship "Star Flyer"

star flyer, the mast of a tall ship

This should be the correct list of emails where we have them. Please let me know if there are any changes to be made (ones marked *** have been bounced)

Christain name
Barbara & Ray Kearns
Chris and David Grant
Carolyn Taylor
Charlie Byrne
Colleen & Larry Howell
Elizabeth Abernathy
Grant & Mark Jahnke & Bell
Hans Kausch
Helen & Terry Mansfield
Ingrid & Gottfried Koelbl
Kathy & Tom Jewett
Jan Roberts
Jane Todd
Jean & Terry Cummings
John Schaeffer
Josene & Wayne Corey & Hawke
Joyce & Jerry Hebberd
Julie and Robin Anderson
Lyne & Alistair Munro
Margaret Gray
Margaret Ripley
Maureen & Terry Miner
Michiko & Claus Jehne
Nanny & Pieter Borgstein
Richard & Roger Johns & Wood

Roland Sawyer
Rosemarie & Jurgen Lungwitz

Steve Langley
Terry Robinson
Virginia & Milo Wilcox
Willi Smith

Marli Lowell, 1426 Patriot Dr. Melbourne FL 32940

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