Impressions of the ocean crossing from Phuket to Athens on tall ship Star Flyer.

Clipper ship star flyer

Our ocean crossing was from Phuket to Athens starting late March 2007 and arriving in Athens some 5 weeks later at the end of April 2007. I certainly enjoyed the experience and I will add to this page the thoughts, both good and bad from anyone on board that wants to email me their impressions. Whether you feel it was the voyage of a lifetime, or you feel that Michael Krafft needs to rethink his business model, please let me know. You can make it as long or as short as you wish.

My feeling was that, on balance, most passengers enjoyed the experience and the Star Flyer and its crew, but its up to you to agree or disagree. It is very difficult to write a balanced critique of what you felt about the trip. Personally I thought the coffee on board was undrinkable, and the bar prices on the high side, but those abberations would not stop me booking a similar crossing again on one of the Star Clippers.


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