David & Chris's impressions of the Indian Ocean crossing on the tall ship Star Flyer in Spring 2007

David and Chris Grant at Luxor

Chris's impressions of the Star Flyer Indian Ocean Crossing

A camaraderie amongst passengers that grew with the three Sunday Church services and their Star flyer choir,with the guest show, with the trips
in Egypt (and with the primitive, to be polite, coach toilets supervised by Terry Miner), with the gossip sessions at water aerobics, with the (American rules) bridge sessions,and with the Cocktail Quizzes (not to be won at any price unless your name was Ken, and remember the quizmaster is always right!). A feeling of being accepted and valued by so many different nationalities.

A friendly and,dedicated crew, who took many days to get to know, but who felt like such good friends on that sad day of departure in Athens.

Ilija and his wonderful band of waiters, Wayem with his friendly smile and our immaculate cabin, Marietta with her enthusiasm, dancing and singing (in the Star Flyer Singers- enabling me to stay roughly in tune!), Niklas, Martenn and Hakan with their youthful pampering to the Golden Oldies, and, I suppose, I should also mention Peter!

Peter made our trip extra special. Sometimes he insulted our intelligence with disinformation - but who worked so tirelessly to ensure things went smoothly and who entertained and educated us so well with his endless talks. We thank you Peter.

And a special word of thanks to that wonderful kitchen of cooks (and the fact that so many of us are now on thin gruel diet for many weeks to get our waist ines back in check!). The Company should be really proud of all their efforts.

Egypt was the highlight of the trips ashore and this was undoubtedly enhanced by the presence of our guide Maha - to whom many, many thanks.

Any regrets? - only that wondrous calm day in the Indian Ocean when the authorities on board denied us our plea for a swim! But I'll live with that one.

And to the company - do look at that silly "performance" form, you are trying to get us to rate individuals in the crew, and not the whole experience. For example the coffee really was undrinkable, and that is down to what the company supply the ship with in terms of coffee and machines.

And the company really should include tips in the overall price - if you do not pay your staff, that is down to you, not the passengers.

Overall our niggles were minor, and did not detract from the experience. I could give the company a number of ways that the experience could be further heighten, but somehow, I get the impression they do not want to know!

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