Mark's Impressions

Mark at the ship's piano

The main destination for me was the ship - sea, wind, sails, fish/mammals and sunsets (I missed the sunrises as well).

Life aboard the Star Flyer

- relaxed, casual atmosphere
- sometimes exercise and stretching with Hakan at 8:00 a.m. - memories of Leonard Cohen's song, "Dance Me to the End of Love" still in my head
- lovely, quiet reading sessions on deck - always a quest for shade on deck crossing the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Red Sea
- quiet "hideaway" on the bow of the ship - the blue mats were welcome padding amidst the ship's bow lines and anchor machinery
- laying in the "whiskers" netting watching the water, the sunset, the dophins playing in the bow.
- a few "dips" in the aft pool
- dolphins playing (by the hundred) in the waves and alongside the ship - in the Mediterranean.
- delicious food - breakfast and lunches were highlights
- the Indian Crew Show - funny skit of "peeing" at a public toilet; fisherman's dance
- Laslo's music - dinner music on the white baby grand and pre-dinner and dance music in the Tropical Bar
- VERY FRIENDLY CREW - they made the trip so relaxed, carefree and fun
- Peter's "talks" - always something new to learn - How much have I retained? is the question
- rehearsals of the Star Flyer Singers - "Yum, yum, yum, yum, yah!"
- performances of the Star Flyer Singers - "Gloria"; "Song of Peace"; "Siyahamba" and "1492" (I always maintained that the words were not correct and were meaningless - hindsight is always 20/20)
- the "Aussie" Choir rehearsals and performance - Good Ship Lollipop - "Thanks for the red hat"
- Milo and Virginia's song "Heine" - "'Auch now', said Lena, 'you dance mit your peg, almost as goot as you did mit your leg.'"
- Sunday morning gatherings for "church" - Easter Sunday at sea - prayers in the Muslim and Hindu traditions - Wayem's hands as he offered the flowers into the sea
- watching the Luxembourg flag on the stern as it moved with the wind
- the odd "Walk-A-Mile" with Marten - up and down the decks and stairs
- Celesta - the parrot - she does bite (as the sign says)
- "This is captain speaking fon bridge" - every day at approximately 12:10 p.m.
- The Star Flyer Olympics - fun and games. Marietta was a force to be reckoned with.

The Shore Excursions

- enjoyed day at the beach and snorkelling at Ko Similan very much
- back water tour from Cochin was very interesting and relaxing - glimpse of life along the waterway - local inhabitants having their morning baths, clothes washings and tooth brushings
- Temples and Spices tour from Goa, India - memory of the loudness of the bell being rung inside the temple, smells and food offerings - the spice garden - cool and lush. Delicious foods for lunch. Memory of the lucious view from the lunchroom
- Safaga and the tour to Luxor - awesome in every way - Memory of the rows of hierglyphs and the colours that remain to this day. Delicious Egyptian lunch at the hotel along the Nile.
- Sharm el Shiek - the tour to St. Catherine's Monastery - memory of the plastic/cardboard refuse everywhere in the desert - such a shame to see. The monastery - peaceful and serene. Memory of the monk beating on the wooden board to call the other monks to prayer. Happiness felt when we were allowed to enter the church.
- travelling through the Suez Canal - interesting at every turn
- Port Said - trip to Cairo - Maha was a superb guide - very knowledgeable and fun. Memory of our "on-bus" guard soliciting us for $$ - not nice. Sound and light show at the pyramids a little "chinsey" for my taste. Unbelievable marketing strategies by the sellers at the pryamids of Giza!! Also not nice. Lovely hotel, le Meridian (Pyramids).
- Rhodos, Greece - Grant and I had been here before. Nice to walk the moat (away from the fray) and to see the vegetation up close.
- slight disappointment that we couldn't stop in Mykonos. We wanted to visit a jewellry shop that we had visited fifteen years earlier.
- Athens - a nice city to relax in - we stayed away from the major tourist areas - quiet times sitting in the parks watching the Athenians go by.

Other Passengers' impressions of the Clipper Ship Star Flyer