Photo Compilation for Star Flyer Ocean Crossing - Spring 2007

Star Flyer tall ship photos

Perhaps it makes it easier if there is a link page here to each of the topics below. I have sorted through photos that have been sent to me, and put them into pages by topic.

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Passengers Picking out a few individual photos so that you can remember, fondly or otherwise, who everyone was.

Crew From the Captains(s) to the deckhands, from the Cruise Director to the waiters.

Shipboard life Fun packed days, chatting, exercising, listening to talks, climbing masts.

Sunsets I never got up for sunrise, but the sunsets could be mind numbing

Phuket and Thai Islands Round the inner islands of Phuket, to Similan.

Cochin The town and the back waters of Cochin and Kerula were memorable

Goa Perhaps not as scenic as Cochin.

Luxor I never knew Luxor would be as spectacular as this. Karnak and Luxor Temples and lunch on the Nile.

St Katherine's Monastery St Katherine's Monastery in another of those spots for the memory bank.

Suez Canal traversing the Suez Canal in a sailing ship from Port Suez to Port Said

Cairo The pyramids were as I imagined them, the treasures of Tutankamun were mind blowing, the Egyptian vendors "persuasive".

Rhodos Lindos was serene, and it was nice to get back to shops that did not hassle one to buy.

Athens We had a night in Athens, to revisit old haunts.


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