Claus and Michiko- Star Flyer Ocean Crossing Photos

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We have finally processed our photos and we are happy to send the the attached photos.

My only regret about our voyage (joke) was that my name was not 'Ken' and that I missed out ever winning the Cocktail Quiz.

I have therefore added some captions and (quiz ?) questions to the photos. The task will be to first match the photos and the questions, then to answer them. Email me your answers.

Claus negotiating a haircut
Cashew nut
Suez Canal
Luxor hotel welcome
Willie and Friends
How much did the haircut & beard trim cost? Cashews are native to what country? Why was the Star Flyer the last ship through the Canal? What song/melody did the musician play? Name Willie Smith's 2 new found friends.
Claus & Michiko
Step Pyramid
Name the three pyramids in the background.
When was the Step Pyramid constructed?
Who'll jump first
Star Flyer
Star Flyer
Star Flyer
Who was the first person to jump into the tender boat?
Did we get any rain from the dark clouds?
Place where photo of Star Flyer framed by leaves was taken?
Why was the picture of Star Flyer's rear taken?


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